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Wool Blanket

Wool Blanket

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Beautiful wool blanket to use as a throw on your favourite sofa or a blanket for the end of the bed. However you use it you can be sure it will keep you warm and cosy. 

Our grey wool blankets are made of 100% Scandinavian wool. Scandinavian wool is a unique natural material that comes from the Gotland fur sheep. The beautiful shades are collected and selected carefully - it is a reflection of Nature. Products still have the smell of sheep, but do not be worried, it will go away in about a month. 

Scandinavian wool is perfect for colder climates or chilly days, to use in a humid environment, it can hold lots of moisture without feeling wet, also it has antibacterial properties. Production does not use any chemicals in the process.


100% Scandinavian Wool

Product measures:

130 x 200cm (Including tassels)




100% Linen Sustainable/reusable

Care Information:

Hand wash, cool iron, do not tumble dry

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