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The Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms

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Reading the Bible can feel intimidating. In common Bibles, the text is small and condensed, the pages are thin. Alabaster Bibles combines imagery, design, and craftsmanship into each book of the Bible—to create a visually beautiful reading experience. 

The Book of Psalms: Raw, honest poems telling the story of humans and the desire to know God.

Beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. Every aspect of these books is carefully considered. Original artwork from around the world, typography, layout design and negative space are thoughtfully weaved into each book of the Bible. Printed on quality paper using FSC-certified, environmentally friendly practices. 

Design aspects:

This book is softcover, 232 pages, perfect bound, and printed in full colour on uncoated paper in Canada.


18cm x 24cm

New Living Translation

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