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Glass Smoothie Cup

Glass Smoothie Cup

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Each cup is carefully crafted using the very best borosilicate glass, such glass is highly durable and very strong. Each bamboo lid is unique, no two cups will have the same pattern. A silicone seal has been placed around the lid making it very secure with no worry of it coming loose.

The stainless steel straw has been specifically designed with smoothies in mind, much thicker in size than an average straw. Measuring at 215mm Length x 12mm wide. Making your smoothie drinking experience pleasurable.

All smoothie cups will arrive in their own cardboard tube box that can be repurposed. 

What's included:

500ml Glass smoothie cup.

304 stainless steel silver smoothie straw.

Reusable cardboard tube box. 

Care Instructions:

All parts of the smoothie cups are dishwasher safe however we advise washing in warm soapy water to keep your cups in the best possible condition.

Not suitable for hot drinks or small children. 


215mm x 12mm - 500ml

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