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100% Natural Scourer & Sponge

100% Natural Scourer & Sponge

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100% Natural Scourer & Sponge - On one side is a soft sponge made using natural cellulose/wood pulp. The other side is natural loofah which is slightly abrasive making it the perfect tool for tackling washing up. Although abrasive the natural materials are non scratch and will not scratch your drinking glasses or tableware.

Each sponge has a cotton string creating a loop where you can hang the sponge in between use. Not just for washing up they are perfect for general cleaning and can even be used as a loofah in the bath or shower. The loofah side works a treat as an exfoliator, removing dead skin leaving you clean and glowing.

FSC certified material and handmade.

Dimensions 9cm x 13cm x 1cm

Pack of 2

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